AGM Battery

AGM batteries using sulfuric acid as electrolyte an aqueous solution of pure , having a density of 1.29-1.3lg / cm3. Most fiber membranes being present in the glass , while the suction plate inside the outer part of the electrolyte . In order to provide oxygen to the positive electrode to the negative precipitated channels must be kept 10% of the membrane pores is not possession of the electrolyte, ie lean solution design. A very tight group using a fitting manner,so that the plates full contact with the electrolyte . Meanwhile, in order to ensure there is enough battery life, the plate should be designed to be thick , positive grid alloy using Pb'-q2w-Srr - A1 quaternary alloy . AGM sealed lead-acid battery electrolyte less thicker plates, active material utilization rate is lower than the opening battery , and the battery discharge capacity of the battery is lower than the opening of about 10 %. Compared to today's colloidal sealed battery the discharge capacity is smaller.
AGM batteries are widely used in communication systems, power systems, emergency lighting systems, automated control systems, fire and security alarm systems, solar energy, wind energy systems, computer backup power , portable equipment, instrumentation, medical systems equipment , electric vehicles, power tools, etc. .
Compared with the same size battery, the price is higher, but with the following advantages:
1. rechargable lead-calcium battery capacity than three times higher , longer life .
2. has a higher capacitance stability over the entire life cycle.
3. The low temperature performance and more reliable.
4. Reduce the risk of accidents and reduce the risk of environmental pollution ( due to the sealing means 100% acid )
5. The maintenance is very simple , reducing the depth of discharge .
AGM Battery

Factory Profile

Sunbright Power, leading manufacturer focused in design and produce maintenance free sealed lead acid battery in China. The company registered capital of 8 million USD, with a total investment 70 million USD. It covers an area of 220 acres, 70,000 square meter production plant, and annual production capacity of one million KVAh. The batteries made by Sunbright include backup batteries applied in telecommunications, Power Plant, UPS battery, fire alarm system, emergency lighting and efficient energy storage batteries used in solar energy, wind energy and, as well as motive power batteries for electric vehicles, golf carts, electric forklift, electric traction trucks and other fields. All products are CE certificated, UL certificated, and TLC, ROSH certificated. SBB has won good reputation from market. In the year 2008, SBB is the only power supplier for Mount Everest section of Olympic torch route.


Factory Impression

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