Returned battery

Returned battery

"Hey, how are you?" In the dark, I said to myself.
A month ago, my spacecraft went out of trouble and was forced to land on this star that could not reach the fingers. I have studied the StarCraft carefully, but unfortunately, this book, known as "the most complete knowledge base of the universe", did not mention the planet I am now in! After I go home, I must give advice to the editorial board. The information is not complete, and I dare to call it "the most"? !
Now, let me consider my situation first. I'm hungry! Hungry! ! ! The last piece of compressed biscuits was eaten two days ago. At this moment, my stomach must be empty. However, fortunately, the air of this planet is very similar to the earth, and there are some clean water resources.
"Hey, how are you?" I will say this to myself several times a day, and I will cheer for myself! When I said the phrase "Hey, how are you" for the 22nd time, a slightly stiff voice responded to me: "I am fine, how are you?"
I am blind, I don't know what to do. ! Don't blame me for being dysfunctional. When a person is in a desperate situation, he suddenly hears a voice, and more or less will have doubts. I didn't talk, it didn't talk until I snorted, and it followed with a bang.
"Who are you?" I slowly stood up and took some numb legs because of sedentary.
"My name is Kabu, what about you?"
"My name is Lin Yu."
In the dark, its voice is clearer. If there is no guess, it is approaching me. This is exactly what I want, and it's all black and lacquered. I can't do anything in such an environment. So, I stood quietly, waiting for the approach of Kabu.
After more than a minute, Kab's cold hand touched my face, and its voice seemed to have a touch of joy: "You are a human being, a living human!"
I also touched Touching its face, then smiled and said: "You are a robot, a robot that is not very smart, but still running."
With the companionship of Kabu, the darkness seems to have become less terrible. It’s just that my stomach will “snap” a few times from time to time, reminding me that I will not eat any more, and my body will have problems.
"You are hungry," Kabu said.
I am embarrassed to say: "Yes, I haven't eaten for a long time."
"You wait, I will be back soon." Before I responded, it left. What did Kabu do? Will you not come back? If I stay alone, I think I will collapse soon.
After a while, I heard the sound of Kabu again. It sat down beside me and handed something to my hand and said, "Give!"
"What?" I reached out and took over the things that Kabu handed over, actually a packaged bread!
"Thank you!" I moved.
I carefully unpacked and ate a small sip of bread. I have been hungry for a long time, and if I chew it at this time, it will cause damage to the stomach. After finishing the bread, I sighed with satisfaction and said very comfortably: "It tastes good, and it tastes like the bread on my spaceship."
Speaking of this, a kind of surprise sentiment came to my mind, I asked: "This bread, where did you find it?"
"Where," Kab said.
I guess Kabu took a finger in one direction, but it was too dark, I can't see it.
"Where? Take me there!" I said excitedly.
It is a bit embarrassing to say it. Since the spacecraft was forced to land due to a malfunction, I have gone a long way in order to find the light source. Unconsciously, lost his way and could no longer find his own spaceship.
Kabu said, "Well, you come with me!"
Kabu took me a long way and stopped to say, "It’s here, it’s here."
I reached out and touched it. Touched and touched the surface of the spacecraft. After confirming that it was my spaceship, tears could not help but flow out. I lifted my hand and wiped it, both happy and sad. I am happy that I finally found my spaceship; sadly, my spaceship is broken and I can't take me back to my homeland.
"Are you crying?" Kabu asked me.
"No." I said hard.
Kabu circled around and said, "You humans are amazing."
"Where is it amazing?" I habitually replied.
Kab continued to circle: "You are very susceptible to emotions, laugh when you are happy, cry when you are sad. For humans, releasing these emotions is as simple as drinking water, but for robots, It is an esoteric science that is difficult to overcome."

Returned battery_no.884

When Kab said this, it sounded a bit lost. I shook my head and felt that I had thought a lot. To know that Kabu is a robot, as it says, the program of the robot has long been set up, and it is impossible to have rich emotions like human beings.
"Why are you crying?" Kabu asked again.
I said with dismay: "The ship is broken, I can't go home."
We both fell silent. I don't know how long it took. Kabu asked me again: "If you fix the spaceship, you can go home, are you?"
"Of course! But I can't fix this ship because I The repair knowledge is very limited. The spacecraft is not in the dark at the moment, and the energy is definitely a problem..." Then I touched the cold spaceship again.
"I can try it." Kabu suddenly said.
"Hey, Kabu, do you know how to repair the spaceship? Great! But Kabu, it's very dark, can you see it?" I asked.
The sound of Kabu is still dull: "The light is really not good, but for my model robot, it is not a big problem."
I looked around, except darkness or darkness. It seems that human vision is impossible to adapt to here.
Kabu has started to knock and beat and repair the spaceship for me. And I was resting next to me, on the one hand to save my strength, on the other hand, I also knew that I could not help myself, and I would not add chaos to the card. During the repair of the spaceship by Kabu, I went into the food several times and slept intermittently for several times until the sound of knocking and knocking in my ear disappeared completely, and I was completely awake.
"Lin Yu, the spaceship has been repaired." Kabu’s voice once again rang in the darkness, but this time the darkness was not so pure. In the place not far from me, there was orange light. The stop is flashing.
"Great! It's really hard for you, Kab!" I shouted excitedly.
Following the guidance of the light, I walked into the cockpit and tried to launch the spacecraft. However, the spacecraft had just started and it was turned off in a few seconds.
"What's wrong?" Kabu asked behind me. "Is it not repaired? Don't worry, I will try again!"
I said with a downcast: "Not your problem, card Cloth, the main battery of the spacecraft is exhausted, there is no way."
"What should I do?" Kab's voice sounded anxious.
I shook my head and said, "Only on this dark planet, I can't go home anymore."
Silence comes again, making people feel at a loss. Just when I was almost desperate, Kab suddenly said to me: "There may be another way, I think I can find a battery."
"Well?" I frowned and sighed.
Kabu said faintly: "Although it is an old battery, according to my calculations, I should be able to start the spacecraft and send you back to my hometown."
"Where is the battery?" I hurriedly asked.
After a little silence, Kab said slowly: "It is on me."
That is... that is Kabu's own battery! If you take this battery off, it is equal to the life of the card.
I quickly shook my head and said: "No, Kab! I know that the battery is on your hub processor. Once you remove it, you will completely destroy your data storage system. You will be completely paralyzed. Moreover, this kind of trick is not It may be repaired, which is equivalent to your life."
"I am a robot, no life." Kabri said of course.
"That won't work." I refused to give in.
In this stalemate, we no longer talk, and finally Kabu walked quietly. Because the mood is constantly fluctuating, I am really tired. Now I know that I can't go back, but I gradually relax. After a while, I fell asleep again...

Returned battery_no.712

"What happened?" The sudden light made my eyes suddenly become a bit stinging. I used my arm to block my eyes and slowly got used to it. I saw a robot that was smiling at me, and the place where the body originally placed the battery had been hollowed out.
"Cabo? Kabu?" I whispered its name, it didn't move, it was like falling asleep...

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