Battery fire

Battery fire

Several fires occurred in the Mengshan National Forest Park in succession. Fortunately, when firefighters patrolled, they found out that the fire had just been extinguished and avoided more losses. Through the on-site investigation, the staff of the Forest Management Office came to the conclusion that someone deliberately set fire, so he turned to the police chief Rob for help.
Sergeant Rob is sent to the gate of the Forest Park to investigate the people entering the park without any discovery. However, another fire was reported in the afternoon. Sergeant Rob arrived in time and found that the flame had been extinguished, and there was a note on the next tree:

Battery fire_no.1188

Rob Rob: Hello!
I heard that your IQ score has reached 135. It is a rare genius. Any criminal has nowhere to escape in your eyes. But I want to compare with you, in the end who has high IQ. The fire I put on today is just a reminder to you - let you see my note. Tomorrow I will enter the big door from the gate. If I can set fire again, please resign yourself, don't be disfigured in the police station.
Your smartest opponent
Ou Meng and Bu Xiaoku are playing in the forest park, seeing people flowing here, so they followed. They saw Uncle Rob and quickly greeted him.
Uncle Rob handed the suspect's note to Ou Meng and Bu Xiaoku, and Ou Meng and Bu Xiaoku strongly urged to participate in tomorrow's action. Thinking that two children might be able to help, Uncle Rob agreed happily.

Battery fire_no.389

The next day, Sheriff Rob, staring at each visitor. At this time, a very differently dressed person came over, chewing gum in his mouth, holding a battery-filled walkman in his hand, and swaying while walking.
Sergeant Rob called him over, and the man looked dissatisfied: "I like it, can you manage it? I don't have any tools to get fire, I don't believe you can search." Br\u003e The person was very cooperative with the inspection. The police officers did not find anything. In desperation, he had to put him in the forest park.
"Uncle Rob, you send someone to follow him, I suspect he is an arson suspect." Ou Meng said.

Battery fire_no.1342

Uncle Rob is dubious and sent a police officer to keep up. Sure enough, the police officer immediately caught him when the man was ready to set fire.
Uncle Rob is full of praise for Ou Meng. There are 10,000 doubts in the heart of Bu Xiaoku: "Ou Meng, you are a detective. Tell me quickly, how did you find this person is an arson suspect?" Br\u003e Ou Meng pretending to be mysteriously said: "The biggest flaw of the suspect is on the Walkman with a dry battery! You think, now people use MP3, iPad, who uses such outdated things? I will give you Do an experiment, I believe that you will suddenly realize when you look at it."

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