Foton Ouhui hydrogen fuel battery bus enters commercial operation stage

Foton Ouhui hydrogen fuel battery bus enters commercial operation stage

Recently, Han Peng, Brand Director of Futian Automobile Brand Planning and Brand Director of Ouhui Bus Division, told the reporter of New Energy Auto News that Futian Ouhui Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus has entered the stage of commercial operation from industrialization development. .
At the same time, he said: "Fukuda Ou Hui defines 2017 as the first year of China's hydrogen fuel battery bus development, and is also an opportunity for Foton Ou Hui to explore in the past decade."
Forming R\u0026D closed loop
\u003e In fact, China has a long-term layout in the development and utilization of hydrogen energy. During the 2008 Olympic Games, China launched the hydrogen fuel battery bus demonstration operation project. After the research and development and demonstration application of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the “13th Five-Year Plan” clearly stated that “the fuel battery vehicle should be industrialized, by 2020. To achieve the goal of mass production and scale demonstration of fuel battery vehicles.
As the new energy vehicle industry continues to rise, fuel battery vehicles, which are known as "the ultimate solution for new energy vehicles", are ushered in the spring.
For a long time, Foton Motor has concentrated on developing hydrogen fuel battery buses. Since 2006, Futian Ouhui and Tsinghua University and Beijing Yihuatong Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yihuatong) jointly undertake research and development projects for hydrogen fuel battery buses in the national key projects of the “863 Program” energy conservation and new energy vehicles; 2013 In the year, we jointly developed hydrogen fuel battery logistics vehicles with Yihuatong. In 2014, we produced 5 second-generation 12-meter hydrogen fuel battery electric buses, which solved the development of high-cost fuel batterys and short fuel battery life, which hindered the development of hydrogen fuel battery electric buses. The bottleneck.
It is worth mentioning that on May 23, 2016, Foton Ou Hui successfully signed a sales agreement for 100 hydrogen fuel battery buses, which is the first in the world.
"This also means that the national hydrogen fuel battery bus research and development plan has officially achieved a perfect closed loop, and has also truly realized industrial development." Han Peng said.
In addition to laying a solid foundation for industrial development, Foton Ou Hui has always maintained the vitality of technological innovation. Taking the self-developed 8.5-meter hydrogen fuel battery passenger car as an example, hydrogen is added for 10 minutes and the cruising range is up to 500 kilometers. In addition, Ou Hui adopts the world's leading dry film technology, the vehicle can achieve low temperature start of minus 20 degrees, low temperature storage of minus 46 degrees and automatic protection of shutdown; the unique Futian Zhike intelligent vehicle management system, with intelligent environmental protection products, intelligent operation support And intelligent human service, to create an integrated management platform for people, cars and roads, and enjoy smart and safe travel.

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Open the first year mode
When the fuel battery bus was lifted, the relevant person in charge of Yihuatong once said to the reporter of "New Energy Auto News" at the 2017 China Electric Vehicles 100 People Forum. He said: "It used to be a drag. This year, the license can be opened."
Not only the road rights are released, but also the subsidies for the two-new energy vehicles are subsidized. The subsidy standards for pure electric and hybrid vehicles have declined. The subsidy standard for fuel battery vehicles is not adjusted.

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These policies undoubtedly provide support for companies to continue to develop and operate fuel battery vehicles. From the perspective of the company itself, Yutong, Futian, Zhongzhi and other companies have technical reserves and developed finished models.
During the 2017 China Electric Vehicles Centennial Forum, in addition to the pure electric and plug-in hybrid models, three hydrogen fuel battery buses and one fuel battery car were also on display. In addition, four Futian Ouhui hydrogen fuel battery buses shuttled to the participants in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.
It can be seen that whether it is policy orientation or technology maturity, China's fuel battery vehicle industry has the conditions to enter the commercialization.
At the "Fuel Cell Technology and Industrialization Forum", Qin Zhidong, deputy general manager of Foton Motor's Ou Hui Bus Division, also mentioned: "The application of fuel battery vehicles involves the integration of the entire industry chain, and no link can be promoted. Domestically, the entire industry chain already has the conditions for promotion and application."
At the same time, he revealed that Futian Ouhui will launch three fuel battery models this year and is negotiating commercialization projects. He believes that in 2017, Foton Ou Hui's fuel battery bus business will have great development. This also confirms the judgment of Foton Ou Hui on "this year is the first year of hydrogen fuel battery bus development".
Of course, in the process of commercialization, the industry will face many challenges including operational service capabilities and cost control.
In terms of operations, Foton Ou Hui actively accumulated experience. It is reported that the "China Fuel Cell Vehicle Commercialization Demonstration Project" jointly developed by the United Nations Development Programme and the Ministry of Science and Technology has completed two phases and will begin the implementation of the third phase of the project to promote the commercialization of hydrogen fuel battery vehicles by 2020. Production and wide application. Among them, Futian Ouhui undertook the second phase of the project, which operated more than 70,000 kilometers in one year, with good results.

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In terms of cost, Qin Zhidong admits that the fuel battery cost at this stage is relatively high. If hydrogen is produced by electrolyzing water, the cost is higher than that of a fuel vehicle; if abandonment is used, the cost is between the fuel truck and the electric vehicle.
"It is expected that by 2020, either method will be lower than the cost of fuel vehicles." He said that this is based on the prediction of the core technology stack cost reduction, and the increase in sales will also affect the cost reduction. .
He predicted that by 2020, fuel battery vehicles, especially passenger cars, will reach 10,000 units, and the fuel battery industry will be fully commercialized.

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In terms of marketing, Han Peng said that this year, with Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei as the axis, it will radiate to the surrounding urban areas and promote hydrogen fuel battery buses.

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While strengthening itself, Futian is good at coordinating upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, such as cooperating with power stacks and motor companies to develop customized products and establishing the “China Bus Green Development Alliance”. As Han Peng said: "Futian is committed to horizontal integration and development, and partners in the joint industrial chain to jointly promote the development of the entire industry chain."

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