Equipped with intelligentization into the power battery industry

Equipped with intelligentization into the power battery industry

With the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry, it has driven the development of related industries in the upstream and downstream of power batteries, such as positive and negative materials for power batteries, batteries, and equipment manufacturing. Accompanied by electrified sailing, smart manufacturing has further become a new enthusiasm for the new energy auto industry. However, unlike the smart manufacturing in the whole vehicle field, the intelligent manufacturing of the battery industry has become more industrialized.
In the future, battery manufacturing will gradually develop toward automation and intelligence.

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In 2016, China's new energy vehicle sales volume is expected to exceed 500,000 vehicles. The production and sales of new energy vehicles are booming, which will drive lithium battery companies to expand their production. Experts expect that the demand for power batteries in 2016 will exceed 20GWh.
As far as the overall level of the industry is concerned, there is still a certain gap between domestic power batteries and Japan and South Korea, some of which are reflected in material technology. In addition, there is a big gap in the development level of battery manufacturing equipment. Therefore, improving the level of smart manufacturing equipment will be a key factor in improving the performance of domestic power batteries.
Yu Jianzhong, vice president of Technology Co., Ltd. ("Winhe Technology") said. The reporter learned that up to now, Wintech has nearly a dozen complete line of power battery production lines. Wintech's current battery technology, including laminated winding, soft packs, aluminum shells, etc.
Automation and intelligent development are the development direction of lithium battery equipment. Regarding the development trend of lithium battery intelligent production line, Yu Jianzhong said: "We have some functions to be done in the entire smart factory, such as equipment management, SPC, interconnection of various factories, etc." In the lithium battery intelligent production line, Wintech also does Some adjustments. For example, Wintech provides a full line of intelligent production line solutions, establishes a complete traceability system, and improves automation.
Yu Jianzhong also said that at present, the battery manufacturing industry still faces some challenges, including changes in the shape of the battery during the production process, which is beginning to be visible, subsequent slurry, grinding, dispensing, assembly Etc., the shape changes very quickly, how to trace, control and so on.
Today, electric vehicles play an increasingly important role in people's lives, and the core part of electric vehicles is power batteries. For power batteries, safety should definitely be placed first, this is the battery. Materials and manufacturing equipment place higher demands. On the basis of ensuring the safety and yield of batteries, high efficiency, automation and intelligent manufacturing will be a major trend in the future.
Wuxi Pilot Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has its own unique development route in relying on intelligent equipment to realize the automation of power lithium battery production.
According to Qian Zhengwei, director of Wuxi Pilot Intelligent Co., Ltd., the current automation ratio of Japanese and Korean first-class lithium battery companies is about 70%, while the automation level of domestic first-line enterprises is 50%, and that of second- and third-tier enterprises is about 20%. There is still a big gap in the consistency of Chinese lithium batteries. In order to achieve large-scale, high-efficiency and intelligent requirements for domestic lithium battery production, we must first achieve high automation and high intelligence on production equipment. In the future, the company will continue to improve the independent research and development level of intelligent equipment based on technologies such as cloud platform and Internet of Things, and help build an ideal smart factory and achieve the goal of Industry 4.0.
The intelligent transformation of the logistics system is also an important part of the intelligent production of lithium batteries. Shenzhen Hong International Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Today's International") chief engineer Yu Hongjie mentioned: "Intelligent production logistics system is mainly divided into two key points, one is the logistics system solution, and the other is the information integrated scheduling system. The combination of software and hardware, our company mainly provides solutions. In the entire intelligent production logistics system, our main thing is to do intelligent three-dimensional warehouse control system and transportation management system. The logistics system is divided into five parts, which are statically formed. System, test and volume system, robot sorting system, distributed light temperature measurement system, intelligent logistics dispatch system."
Today, the international company was established in 2000, belonging to the GEM listed company, the company focuses on intelligent production logistics system, In 2014, it began to enter the intelligent manufacturing logistics system of lithium batteries.
Manufacturing implementation to achieve "three-way"
If battery manufacturing equipment is the basis of intelligent manufacturing in the battery industry, then battery companies play the role of executives of intelligent manufacturing. Jin Ming, deputy general manager of Samsung Huanxin (Xi'an) Power Battery Co., Ltd. gave their understanding of intelligent manufacturing.
"If we understand smart manufacturing as a smart car, I want to automate, including automation equipment, logistics, including automated testing, is the most basic two wheels of smart cars, through automatic monitoring of big data analysis, we and more A comprehensive system of collaboration can achieve advance prediction and flexible production, thus forming an overall intelligent driving goal.” Jin Ming analyzed this.
He also believes that automation is the foundation of intelligent manufacturing. Data is a means to deepen intelligent manufacturing, and systematization will eventually achieve intelligent manufacturing purposes. The core purpose of automation, data, and systemization to achieve large-scale intelligent manufacturing is to create value for customers. The company realizes large-scale production through automation to reduce costs, achieves the best consistency and security through data, and systematically utilizes the entire company's resources to ensure that customer needs are met.
Industry Challenge Difficult in Consistency
In the intelligent manufacturing of power batteries, the battery production line of Huizhou Yiwei Lithium Energy Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Yiwei Lithium Energy”) has automation degree, traceability and consistency. Maintain a high level of technology.

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Yuan Zhongzhi, vice president of Yiwei Lithium Energy, also believes that to be a world-class power battery depends on innovation, research, and technology, but to improve battery stability and consistency depends on high-end equipment.
In the intelligent manufacturing process of batteries, the consistency problem is a big challenge that the entire industry must face. It is not a problem of a certain enterprise.
"To solve the consistency problem of electric vehicle power battery, the most critical factor is how to use equipment to guarantee in the manufacturing process, not in the inspection process, in the manufacturing process, and control in the production process. Control the consistency of each node. Compared with foreign power plants, the level of intelligence of domestic battery companies is not high enough. For example, in the field of vacuum drying, there are too many human factors involved in single-machine and semi-automatic production methods." Tian Hanrong, chairman of Shenzhen Times Hi-Tech Equipment Co., Ltd., told reporters that intelligent tunnel vacuum drying can achieve the same parameter + intelligent control + unmanned control + no need for drying room. Its mode of operation is to connect the entire production line to form an intelligent assembly line operation, which seamlessly connects the previous supply and demand with the next supply and demand. Its entire process can be broken down into three phases, the first phase is temperature rise, the second phase is constant temperature and vacuum drying, and the third phase is cooling, with each phase being individually controlled.

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