Talking about the Cost Management of Electric Power Engineering

Talking about the Cost Management of Electric Power Engineering

Abstract: In recent years, with the continuous development of the market economy, China's power engineering enterprises have also developed, but the subsequent problems related to the cost design of power engineering have also become prominent, and the cost of power engineering construction has changed very rapidly. It has created a huge obstacle to the development of power engineering construction and production, reduced the economic benefits of power grid enterprises, and greatly increased the cost of power grid construction costs. Combined with the specific conditions of power engineering construction, the article will be managed from current power engineering cost management. Control the status quo and existing problems, and then propose countermeasures to strengthen the control of power engineering cost management, aiming to achieve the purpose of effectively controlling the cost management of power engineering.
Keywords: power engineering cost management
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Current Chinese society for power engineering The demand for development is very large. Therefore, how to carry out cost management on the investment of power engineering, making the development of power engineering construction conform to the development needs of the market economy has become a key issue for the development of China's power engineering enterprises. It is necessary to pay attention to the construction goals of electric power engineering, continuously improve the corresponding cost management system, and ultimately improve the comprehensive competitiveness of power engineering enterprises.
1 Current status of power engineering cost management
With the continuous development of China's power companies, more and more capital investment in power engineering projects, traditional power companies pay more attention to the production of engineering projects, and ignore the funds The risk management of the project investment has caused a large amount of economic property losses for power companies, and also caused huge economic waste for power companies, wasting China's resources, and has greatly hindered the economic benefits of enterprises. As for the cost management of electric power engineering, it also restricts the construction of electric power projects to a certain extent. If the project cost of electric power projects cannot be scientifically and reasonably managed, it will also cause safety hazards. The main task of project cost management is to ensure the quality of the project and the smooth progress of the construction process of the project, the decision-making stage of the project investment, the overall design stage of the project, the bidding phase of the project and the final construction phase. In the traditional project cost management, only a single project budget and project settlement project are done, and the project project itself cannot be quantitatively managed. The development of modern project projects requires a scientific and all-round cost management system. The traditional static management mode has changed into a dynamic cost management model [1].

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2 Problems in cost management in power engineering
2.1 Power project approval system is not perfect
In fact, construction projects, construction departments and design units in project management and power engineering in cost management are It is closely related. In the power engineering project, the investment enterprise and the approval department of the project are not integrated, and the unit using the project fund and the repayment department are not a unified unit. However, the capital investment and cost of power engineering projects are linked to the economic benefits of these departments, and they cannot be controlled and managed in a single way. In the construction of power project engineering, there has been a desire to have a leading department to carry out cost control management, but its approval system is still not perfect and perfect, and each department wants to obtain benefits, but does not want to assume its due responsibilities in the project. In the process of approval, there are often problems in the investment approval stage of the project. Many departments are not able to do some mistakes and mislabeling to reduce the investment budget in order to complete the approval task of the bidding project, thus reducing the approval project. The total investment amount, when the approval work of the power engineering project is over, the project approval department will also carry out further capital investment work.
2.2 The level of management is far from the foreign countries
In the traditional power engineering enterprises, it is still the production thinking in the past when planning the economy. The cost management work is also carried out according to the traditional model. There is no further market. The survey has little understanding of the mode of cost management of power projects in the world, and it is not able to adapt well to the development trend of global integration today [2]. The cost management engineering work in China's traditional power engineering projects is only based on the budget management of project projects and the review tasks of project settlement work. Therefore, power companies have no ability to undertake consulting and service work in cost management, in cost management. In the process of the process, China's management services are very small, and the service level of foreign power engineering cost management is very different. If the power project engineering cost management is not well performed, the market competitiveness of power companies will be greatly reduced. Level.

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2.3 Professional level of employees is not high
The quality of practitioners in cost management projects in traditional power companies is generally low. This part of the employees does not have a good professional knowledge base and education level. It is not high, lacks the corresponding experience and knowledge reserves on cost management work, and some practitioners still do not understand the current development of the market economy, cannot absorb advanced development experience from abroad, and cannot understand the development of the international market in a timely manner. Direction and development policy. Their professional quality is not high. Once there is a problem in the cost management of power engineering projects, the employees of cost management can't find problems and solve problems in time. The knowledge about the cost management work is insufficient, and the learning ability is relatively poor. It is a good idea to innovate and develop thinking, which has caused the practitioners to not improve the traditional power engineering cost management mode. From the perspective of the power company management, the power companies are not enough to train the cost management practitioners. There is no professional for the employees. At the level of management, there is no unified management system for the management of human resources within the enterprise, resulting in a large loss of exbatteryent cost management talents.
3 Research on Strengthening the Management of Power Engineering Cost Management
3.1 Improving the Approval System of Power Engineering Projects
Power companies must carefully edit the feasibility report of engineering projects and do a good job in budget approval for project investment. When reviewing and making reports, you must pay attention to the scientificity and accuracy of the data. When investing in power engineering projects, it is necessary to ensure that the funds are sufficient, and that the funds cannot be wasted, and the project funds should be scientifically managed. Only by perfecting the approval system for power projects can we effectively reduce the production costs of power companies and enhance the overall efficiency of enterprises.

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3.2 Improving the level of cost management

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In the engineering cost management of power companies, the vision should not only be placed in the market environment at the time of project cost, but also to maintain the integration of power companies and market environment at all times to enable power companies. The level of cost management continues to meet the development needs of the market economy. To raise the level of cost management is to innovate new technologies and materials for power engineering, and to link scientific and technological development with project cost management. For example, power companies can set up special staff. To be responsible for the data management of the power engineering cost system, the professional cost management practitioners are responsible for understanding the most advanced cost management technology information in the world, and after learning the advanced foreign cost management model system, they can be used in the development of China's power companies. The introduction, in order to provide better consulting services for power engineering projects, enabling power companies to timely understand market information, and thus continuously improve the management level of project cost [3].
3.3 Strengthening the quality training of employees
According to the particularity and professionalism of power engineering cost management, power companies must pay attention to the professional quality training of employees. For example, electric power enterprises can recruit some professional talents graduated from higher education institutions at the time of recruitment, recruit talents of high-quality and high-knowledge college students, and have a more complete evaluation system for the employees of cost management. When registering the engineers of the cost engineers, It is only necessary to pay attention to the professional basic knowledge test of the employees, but also to examine the computer operation ability and power equipment operation ability of the employees, and to link the professional quality of the cost management personnel in the power enterprise with their promotion channels. It is also possible to organize regular lectures on the basic knowledge of cost management in the power companies, to evaluate the training results of the employees, to criticize the employees with unsatisfactory results, and to encourage those who have better assessment results. .

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4 Conclusion
In summary, the cost management of engineering projects in power companies is a long-term system work. It takes a long time of innovation and hard work to improve the level of cost management. Pay attention to the work of cost management and improve the professional quality of employees. Therefore, power companies must scientifically manage the process of the project and control the project cost.
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