Zhangzhou Summit will take the future trend of pulse power battery industry

Zhangzhou Summit will take the future trend of pulse power battery industry

From September 28th to 29th, the 6th New Energy Vehicle, Power Battery and Key Materials Technology Summit was held in the national-level Zhangzhou Development Zone (National High-tech Zone). Du Shiyuan, deputy secretary of the Cangzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wu Feng, chief scientist of the National 973 Program Secondary Battery Project, and Vice Chairman of the China Battery Industry Association, Bai Hao, Assistant Director of the Global Energy Resources and Environment Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ji Hengkuan, Vice Chairman of the China High-Tech Industrialization Research Association, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee, National Level Fu Genyou, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhangzhou Development Zone (National High-tech Zone), and other leaders attended the meeting.

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Du Shiyuan said in his speech that Zhangzhou attaches great importance to the development of new energy vehicles, power batteries and key materials industries, and actively develops new key energy raw materials for new energy vehicles and lithium battery. A large number of projects have settled in Zhangzhou, and a large number of enterprises are undergoing technological transformation to promote the continuous transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters with technological innovation. In the next step, Ganzhou City will adhere to the international orientation, encourage enterprises to carry out international cooperation through joint ventures and sole proprietorships; adhere to high-end development, strictly implement project decision-making advisory service mechanism, and promote high-end of industrial chain, value chain and application field with high threshold Adhere to green transformation, promote production intelligence, vigorously develop circular economy, and strive to build a first-class safety and environmental protection monitoring system and hazardous chemicals logistics system; adhere to scientific and technological innovation, pay attention to enterprise industrial culture cultivation and scientific and technological strength support, and create production, study and research The integrated science and technology innovation platform continuously forms an ecological system of positive interaction between the government and the enterprise; adheres to the combination of industry and finance, guides and encourages enterprises to dock multi-level capital markets, firmly adheres to the road of integration of industry and finance, and spares no effort to develop enterprises and industries. Inject a lot of power. It is hoped that through this summit, the new energy vehicle and power battery industry in Zhangzhou will be promoted to a newer and higher level.
In his speech, Ji Hengkuan said that the State Council has made "energy-saving and new-energy vehicles" a key development area in the "Made in China 2025 Planning Outline" and clearly listed new energy vehicles as the first batch of pilot projects in 2016. It is hoped that through exchanges, it will better cope with the changes in the industrialization and marketization of electric vehicles and the market environment of the power battery industry of new energy enterprises, and continue to promote the development of related industries.

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During the summit, Fu Genyou gave a report titled “Recommendation of Lithium Battery Industry Investment Development Environment in Ganzhou City”. He pointed out in the promotion that Chenzhou City and the park already have strong industrial base and complete industrial planning in developing lithium battery industry. Convenient location transportation, broad market hinterland, abundant factor guarantee, perfect public support, complete innovation system, high-quality examination and approval service and preferential support policies. At present, Cangzhou is relying on the existing power lithium battery core material industry foundation. We will vigorously attract lithium battery core material manufacturing (positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte, separator, etc.), battery manufacturing, PACK packaging, BMS and other enterprises to settle in, and actively extend downstream, introducing key components of new energy vehicles such as motor electronic control and The new energy vehicle project will focus on building a power battery industry and a new energy vehicle industry cluster that have strong influence throughout the country. He hopes that everyone can pay more attention to and support Ganzhou and the park, and can visit and inspect and invest in the development of the economic development and achieve win-win cooperation.
During the two-day summit, more than 300 experts and corporate guests from all over the country conducted discussions and exchanges on the policy direction, market status, technical standards, testing and certification of electric vehicles, power batteries and their key materials. And conduct on-site visits and inspections.
The theme of this year's summit is to invite domestic and foreign experts, entrepreneurs and investors to explore the future trend of the power battery industry as a new energy source. The automobile industry has deepened its development and made suggestions.

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The summit will focus on 14 aspects of new energy vehicles and power battery industry, including domestic and international new energy vehicle development routes and related policy analysis, innovative business models for future power battery development, and demand for future materials for automotive power batteries. , current battery safety test standards analysis, power battery recycling technology and market development analysis, new energy vehicle charging facilities industry status and model innovation.

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