Ningbo Heshun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Ningbo Sunbright Power Co., Limited, its total investment is 10 million,professionally engaged in the recycling and storage of waste lead-acid battery. The warehouse is located in Xiangan Road No. 888,Zhenhai District of Ningbo(Ningbo Petrochemical Economic Development Zone) and it occupies an area of about 3000 square meters.
As a part of lead acid battery, the recycling system has been a complete ecological industrial chain, such as safety, manufacturing, deployment and recovery.
Over the years, the company has always been committed to the development of environmental protection, and continuously increasing energy-save emission reduction efforts, the development of low-carbon economy, the construction of green environmental protection and harmonious enterprise.
Ningbo Heshun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. has established a network platform of GPS. It is to monitor the whole process of the storage area of hazardous waste generation units,the route of transfer of hazardous and hazardous waste when carried
Ningbo Heshun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. invite people who love the career of environmental protection to join us, progressing hand in hand together [promote reducing waste movement and management] ,creating a beautiful home.

Building the Chain of circular industry for lead acid battery
Technological Process
Technological Process
Recycle Result
Energy utilization
Total lead recovery ≥ 97%
resource utilization rate ≥ 92%
desulfurization rate ≥ 98%
Coke rate ≤ 15%
Standard coal consumption ≤ 120Kg/t Lead
Comprehensive power consumption KWH/t ≤ 100
Zero Release
Emission pollutant concentrations
Lead vapor concentration ≤ 0.01mg/m3
dust concentration ≤ 0.01g/m3
Lead in slag ≤ 1.8%
Lead in waste water ≤ 0.035mg/L
Sulfur dioxide concentration ≤ 0.00023%

Pay attention to recycling in the process of "three wastes" management, and strive to achieve zero discharge of "three wastes", to ensure that no pollution to environment.

Environmental protection, a long way to go. In the future, Sunbright power company will continue to sum up the experience to improve the production process, and constantly improve the level of clean production, take the road of circular economy; further strengthen environmental protection management, prevention and control of environmental risks; strictly comply with national environmental laws and regulations, and actively fulfill environmental protection social responsibility, strengthen environmental information disclosure, so that the public and the government to understand the environmental protection of enterprises.

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