Motive Power battery

Motive Power battery--Introduction
Motive Power battery is the power source of tools, it often refers to batteries of electric cars, electric trains, electric bike, golf cart batteries. It often use valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, open pipe lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. At this moment, the reuse and recycling of Motive Power battery are all less considered chain of China's new energy automotive industry .   
Motive Power battery - Introduction
Motive Power battery refers to the battery which supply power for transportation tool. Distinguished by different reaction principles, the Motive Power battery could be divided into lead-acid power batteries, Ni-MH power battery, lithium iron power batteries and so on.
Motive Power battery - Structures
1, the battery cover
2, the positive pole-- active material,lithium cobalt oxide
3, diaphragm-- a special kind of composite film
4, the negative pole-- active material, carbon
5, organic electrolyte
6, the battery case
Motive Power battery - Features
1, high-energy (EV) and high rate of power (HEV);
2, high energy density;
3, recycling use under HRPSOC
4, operating temperature ranges from 30 to 65 ℃
5, long working life, require 5-10 years;
6, safe and reliable.
Classification of Power Battery
1. lead-acid battery
2. nickel-cadmium batteries
3. nickel-metal hydride batteries
4. iron-nickel batteries
5. sodium nickel chloride battery
6. silver-zinc battery
7. sodium-sulfur battery
8. lithium batteries
9. air battery
10. zinc-air battery
11. aluminum air battery
12. fuel battery fuel.
13. solar batteries
14. super capacitor
15. flywheel battery
16. sodium-sulfur battery
Eight advantages of iron phosphate-lithium power battery :
1. A ultra-long life. The cycle life of lead-acid batteries is about 300 times, the maximum could reach 500 times, but iron phosphate-lithium power battery could reach 2000 times. The same quality lead acid battery could use about 1-1.5 year, but iron phosphate-lithium power battery could use about 7-8 years. Looking at the above factors, the cost efficient of iron phosphate-lithium power battery more than four times than lead-acid batteries.
2. Safe to use, After strict testing, iron phosphate-lithium power battery will not expolde even in the most serious triffic accident.
3. It could charge and discharge in a high current(2C). While using the dedicated charger, it need about 40 minutes to charge the battery full by 1.5C. Its starting current could reach 2C, but at this moment lead-acid batteries has no such performance.
4. high temperature resistance. It could bear 350℃ -500℃ while lithium manganese oxide and lithium cobalt could only bear about 200℃.
5. large capacity.
6. no memory effect.
7. small size and light weight.
8. Green and environmental protection.
Motive Power battery

Factory Profile

Sunbright Power, leading manufacturer focused in design and produce maintenance free sealed lead acid battery in China. The company registered capital of 8 million USD, with a total investment 70 million USD. It covers an area of 220 acres, 70,000 square meter production plant, and annual production capacity of one million KVAh. The batteries made by Sunbright include backup batteries applied in telecommunications, Power Plant, UPS battery, fire alarm system, emergency lighting and efficient energy storage batteries used in solar energy, wind energy and, as well as motive power batteries for electric vehicles, golf carts, electric forklift, electric traction trucks and other fields. All products are CE certificated, UL certificated, and TLC, ROSH certificated. SBB has won good reputation from market. In the year 2008, SBB is the only power supplier for Mount Everest section of Olympic torch route.


Factory Impression

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Motive Power battery Products

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