Sunbright power is devoting to battery recycle

Professional ,Green,Environmental,Low-carbon,as well as manufacturing &Ecology ,which is the tenet of Sunbright power company.

After long years development, Sunbright power company already has a complete industry ecosystem of safety, manufacture, deployment and recycling in place. The Manufacturing’s dedication to safe battery recycling means improper battery disposal is a thing of the past.

Their closed-loop, automated system recycles make most of spent batteries recycled, including lead, plastic, steel, and acid.

In Zhejiang Province,there are two permitted battery recycle factories,including lithium battery and lead acid battery recycling.Sunbright power company is one of them.

Lead Recycling

At our recycling facility, the batteries are collected, dismantled and separated. The lead is smelted, then refined. Every year,the recycled lead can reach to 80,000Tons.The total value is about 560 million RMB.

Plastic Recycling

The plastic jars, cases and covers are cleaned and ground into polypropylene pellets that are moulded into new cases and parts at the company’s on-site injection moulding facility. 

Acid Recycling

Our acid reclamation factory recycles huge gallons of acid per year, diverting this material from potentially hazardous disposal and conserving ground water use or to be fertilizer.

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