OPzV/OPZS series design uses a gel electrolyte and a tubular positive plate, along with a valve-regulated battery (maintenance-free) and open the battery (float / cycle life) and other advantages, especially for backup time 1-20 hours of use. Due to environmental restrictions against the use or maintenance conditions, OPzV/OPZS series for large differences in temperature and power grid unstable environment, or long-term renewable energy in electricity storage state of the electrical system. Colloid is made extremely small size, but the surface area of the silicon particles forming great. When the silicon particles are dispersed in the electrolyte, forming a three-dimensional network of chains, while derived from the 0.1mm to 1mm in diameter of the pore system. By strong capillary phenomenon to contain the electrolyte in the pore system is locked. Accidentally broken even if the battery case, electrolyte leakage phenomenon does not occur yet. A small amount of pores are not filled by the electrolyte, forming voids allow oxygen to pass through. Oxygen migrate from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, and then combined into the water, thus eliminating the need to add water regularly. Colloidal technology has revolutionized the concept of back-up power, allowing users to have more autonomy in different fields. Since the gas generating almost negligible level, allowing the battery to the cabinet or rack, even in the office next to the device. Thereby increasing the space utilization, reduce installation and maintenance costs. But we must pay attention to comply with safety and ventilation conditions of the country under the policy.

Factory Profile

Sunbright Power, leading manufacturer focused in design and produce maintenance free sealed lead acid battery in China. The company registered capital of 8 million USD, with a total investment 70 million USD. It covers an area of 220 acres, 70,000 square meter production plant, and annual production capacity of one million KVAh. The batteries made by Sunbright include backup batteries applied in telecommunications, Power Plant, UPS battery, fire alarm system, emergency lighting and efficient energy storage batteries used in solar energy, wind energy and, as well as motive power batteries for electric vehicles, golf carts, electric forklift, electric traction trucks and other fields. All products are CE certificated, UL certificated, and TLC, ROSH certificated. SBB has won good reputation from market. In the year 2008, SBB is the only power supplier for Mount Everest section of Olympic torch route.


Factory Impression

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