OPzV Series Battery, Tubular positive plate and pasted negative plate design. Battery has super long service life and high reliability, could be used in rigorous low-high temperature, bad electric power condition. These products could be widely used in telecommunication, electric power, energy storage, UPS/EPS and etc fields.
Voltage: 2V ; Capacity: 200Ah to 3000Ah
Design floating charge service life:22 years at 25℃±5℃ ambient temperature
Cycle life: 5500 times at 25%DOD at standard application condition
Self-discharge rate ≤3%/month;
High recharge efficiency, save time and energy
Operation temperature:-25℃~60℃。
Storage life:After fully charged, the battery is storaged after about 2 years at 25℃ temperature,the left capacity still more than 50%, and the battery capacity could reach to 100% rated capacity after recharged.
Good deep discharge proof performance:after 100% D.O.D discharged,the battery could still connected to load, after 4 weeks, it will be recovered to original capacity.

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